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Indoor / Parade American Flags


Fringed Indoor American Flag


These Fringed Indoor American flags are made form 100% SolarMax nylon and are designed for use in parades and indoor use. Each American flag features high gloss, densely embroidered stars and lock stitched, hand sewn stripes and hems. Finished with flannel-lined pole heading, Velcro tabs and available with and without golden yellow rayon fringe.Free Shipping


Made in the USA

A0210952' X 3' Fringed American Flag$60.75
A0210982-1/2' X 4' Fringed American Flag$73.95
A0215003' X 5' Fringed American Flag$74.85
A0216004' X 6' Fringed American Flag$104.50
A0217004-1/3 ft. X 5-1/2 ft. Fringed American Flag$104.50
A0218005 ft. X 8 ft. Fringed American Flag$135.00
A0210902' X 3' Indoor American Flag - No Fringe$53.85
A0210992-1/2' X 4' Indoor American Flag - No Fringe$64.50
A0211003' X 5' Indoor American Flag - No Fringe$65.50
A0212004' X 6' Indoor American Flag - No Fringe$94.00
A0213004-1/3 ft. X 5-1/2 ft. Indoor American Flag - No Fringe$94.00
A0214005 ft. X 8 ft. Indoor American Flag - No Fringe$121.25

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