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We Accept Purchase Order Requests from School Districts, Federal, State and Local Governments.

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Optional Flag pole Finishes and Accessories


Brushed Satin Finish Clear Anodized Finish Dark Bronze Anodized Finish Black Anodized Finish
Brushed Satin Clear Anodized Dark Bronze Anodized Black Anodized

The standard finish with all aluminum flag poles is brushed satin and it's the most popular. Bare aluminum will oxidize over time turning a once bright and silver finish to a dull grey. 

Anodizing not only adds color, but also protects the aluminum from oxidizing. Anodizing will not chip, flake or lose it's color like a painted finish. However, it can be scratched if penetrated deep enough. Clear and Dark Bronze are the most popular anodized finishes and normally are either in stock or have a quicker turnaround that other finishes. Other available anodized finishes are Light Bronze, Medium Bronze and Black, please call for pricing. Anodized finishes are highly recommended for areas where the air has a high salt content, such as coastal regions, that can cause pitting of the aluminum.

Powder coated finishes are also available in the following standard colors: White, Dark Green, Dark Bronze and Black. Optional colors are also available. Contact Customer Service for details.

Fiberglass flag poles are available in 3 standard gel coat finishes: White, Dark Bronze and Black. Since the process is same for all fiberglass flagpoles, there is no additional charge for the standard color options.


Gold Ball Ornament Gold Bronze Eagle Ornament Natural Color Eagle Ornament
Gold Ball Gold Eagle Natural Color Eagle

A gold ball is standard, silver is available at no additional charge on aluminum flag poles. The diameter of the ball is based on the butt diameter of the shaft. Eagles are also another popular option. The size of the eagle is determined by the height of the flagpole, under 30 ft. will require a 12 inch eagle, over 30 ft. a 15 inch eagle.

Flash Collar (Residential Aluminum):

Flash collars are available as options on residential aluminum flag poles since they are purely decorative. The ground sleeve matches the diameter of the flag pole shaft, so no sand is needed for the installation. In most cases, we do not recommend flash collars on residential aluminum flagpoles unless a formed pad is being installed.

Flash collars are standard on all fiberglass and commercial flag poles because the sand that is used in setting and plumbing the shaft needs to be kept dry.

Double Halyard (External Halyard Commercial Aluminum):

Commercial grade aluminum flag poles will allow for a second halyard to be installed on the shaft. This option would include: a double pulley truck, extra cleat and the additional rope and flag clips. This is not necessary to fly a second flag. In most cases, this is just used as a backup.

Extra Set of Snaps:

Included with every flag pole are snaps that will allow one flag to be flown. If an additional flag were to be flown, then an extra set of snaps would be required.

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