Assembly and Setting of 5" Diameter Flag Poles up to 30'

Tools Needed


Tools and Materials Needed:

2' Level

Tamp Rod




4 - Wood Wedges

Silicone Caulk

Concrete Sand





Preparing Flag Pole for Setting


1. Remove flag pole from cardboard shipping tube. Remove craft paper or cloth wrapping. If this is a jointed flag pole, please assemble the flag pole sections first.


2. Locate the truck assembly (pulley unit) and ornament (ball or eagle) located in the carton of accessories. Attach the ball to the truck assembly using the nut and lock washer provided. Tighten until lock washer is compressed. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. The nut and ball stem are made from aluminum and may be easily damaged.


3. Thread the completed truck assembly into the top of the flag pole. We recommend the use of LocTite or a similar thread locking compound to prevent flag pole truck from backing out of the flag pole as the top rotates.


4. Slide the Base (or Flash) Collar up the flag pole from the bottom to just above the 2 cleat holes. Using the 2 Stainless Steel Screws, attach the cleat below the base collar, tighten the screws just enough to hold cleat in place and keep the screws from falling out. By placing the base collar above the cleat, it will hold it out of the way when setting and pluming the flag pole. The cleat will be removed and the collar lowered after the pole has been set and plumbed.


5. Remove the tape that is holding the rope together. Stretch the rope down the flag pole and tie it off to the cleat.


The flag pole is now ready to set.





Holding the base of the flagpole6. Be sure that there are no obstacles around or above the path of the flag pole while it is being erected. Examples: Trees, bushes, lights, power lines. One person needs to hold the bottom of the flag pole over the foundation tube while firmly pressing straight down on the flag pole with both hands. Care should be taken so the flag pole does not kick up or out while it is being erected or serious injury could occur. Depending on the poles weight, one or two people will erect the pole by walking towards the foundation tube and pushing the flag pole upward.





Plumbing the flagpole7. Once the flag pole has been set and is resting on the bottom of the foundation tube. Place four wooden wedges at the North-South-East-West position to support the flag pole. Using a 2' level against the pole, adjust wedges as necessary, until the flag pole is plumb on four sides. Please note that the bottom 50% of the exposed height of the flag pole is NOT tapered. 






Pouring sand into sleeve8. With the flag pole is plumb, tap the wedges with a hammer to temporarily lock in place. Fill the foundation tube with lightly moist sand. Using a wooden rod or a solid broom handle, pack the sand until it is firm, adding additional sand as required until the foundation tube is filled to within 1/2". Brush away any excess sand.






Cutting wedges9. Remove wood wedges. Measure the distance from the edge of the foundation tube to the flag pole at the North-South-East-West positions. Trim wedges to obtain a snug fit and drive them into position. If desired, a waterproofing compound may be used to seal the upper 1/2" of the foundation tube.