Assembly Instructions for Jointed Flag Poles

Please Note: Flag poles can have 2-5 sections depending on height.


1. Unwrap each section completely and place on 2 x 4s on the ground. Align all sections in order from top to bottom. Make sure that the match marks (numbers) stamped onto the each flag pole shafts are aligned.


 Joint Match Marks


2. Begin with the bottom two sections, align the match marks on each section, lightly soap the first 3 of the jamb sleeve and slide together.


Lube joint using dish soap.


Be sure to complete Steps 2-4 for each joint before moving to the next joint.


3. These sections should slide together to within approximately 2 of being a complete joint.


Slide joint together


4. Using a block of wood to protect the aluminum flag pole and a sledge hammer, jamb the upper section onto the lower section until there is only a hairline gap between the sections. (See Photo Step 5)


Driving the sections together.


5. At each joint that will be below the lifting strap (if used), just above each joint approximately 1-2, drill a hole and tap the hole with a 5/16 18 tap. Screw an allen screw into each of these holes. 1 or 2 holes are recommended at each joint. If poles are light enough to set by hand, then no screws are necessary.


Finished joint.



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