Assembly Instructions – Internal Winch



Parts List:

Ball Ornament with lock washer

Revolving Truck assembly with stainless steel cable

Winch Assembly with 2 bolts and lock washers

Winch Handle

Lock Assembly

Lock Key

Counterweight with 2 quick links

Ball Sling

Base Collar


Required Tools:

Fish Tape

Adjustable Wrench

Ratchet with Extension

Phillips Screwdriver

Electrical Tape





Remove flag pole from shipping tube and completely unwrap it from the paper covering. To aid in assembly, place the flag pole on saw horses with the access door facing up.








Feed fish tape through the access door to the top of the flag pole. Attach the cable coming from the bottom of the truck assembly (the end with the cable stop) securely to the fish tape using electrical tape and slowly pull the cable down the flag pole and out through the access door.








With the winch outside of the flag pole, position the winch so that it is orientated in the direction that it will be installed into the access opening (see picture step 4) with the widest side of the winch to the right, facing the small hole in the flag pole. Feed the end of the cable that is exiting the access door through top of winch, between mounting bracket and stud. Route the cable behind and then under the barrel to form a “J” if viewed from the right. Remove screw and place cable stop in slot and replace screw securely.








Using the 2 included bolts and lock washers, mount winch assembly into the flag pole making sure that it is properly orientated as shown to the left. Tighten using a ratchet and extension.









Thread truck into to flag pole and tighten using a large adjustable wrench, we recommend the use of LOCTITE on the treads to prevent the unit from backing out of the flag pole.


Using supplied lock washer and nut, thread ball into truck assembly and tighten nut.







Insert handle into winch and crank clockwise until the snaps are at the base of the truck assembly.


It is VERY IMPORTANT that some resistance is put on the cable while cranking to insure that the cable spools properly. Failure to due so may result in flag slippage or cause the cable “spring” off the barrel and jamb the function of the winch.







Using supplied quick links, attach the counterweight to the end of the cable and then wrap the ball sling around flag pole shaft and attach to the bottom of the counterweight.










Attaching Access Door Cylinder Lock





Step 1: Insert cylinder into door hole with the marks (dots) pointing to the right side of the door and secure using large lock washer and nut.


Step 2: Thread one small nut and then a lock washer onto stud, slide cam onto stud (as shown above). Now add another small lock washer and then the nut and secure into place.


Check the operation of the lock to make sure that the lock operates smoothly and the door is securely held in place. Adjustments may be made by loosening the cam retaining nuts and repositioning the cam.


Prior to erecting flag pole, slide base collar up to just below the access door. Secure in place using rope or rubber sling. This will hold collar out of the way while leveling the flag pole.



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