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State Flag of Mississippi

Mississippi Flags are made from 100% nylon and feature strong duck heading and 2 Brass Grommets. For Outdoor Use. Made in the USA.

The flag of Mississippi consists of three equal width horizontal stripes. The top stripe is blue, the middle stripe is white and the bottom stripe is red. In the top left corner is a square featuring a navy blue saltire (diagonal cross) with 13 five-pointed white stars on a red base. The cross and box are outlined in white.

The red, white and blue are the national colors of the US. The flag shows influences from flags of the former Confederate States of America. The Mississippi Legislature states that the 13 stars on the flag represent the 13 original colonies of the United States. When the Confederate battle flag was used in the south it also included 13 stars, which represented the 13 states of the Confederacy.State Flags Free Shipping

Made in the USA


2' X 3' State of Mississippi Flag - Nylon


3' X 5' State of Mississippi Flag - Nylon


4' X 6' State of Mississippi Flag - Nylon


5' X 8' State of Mississippi Flag - Nylon


6' X 10' State of Mississippi Flag - Nylon


8' X 12' State of Mississippi Flag - Nylon


10' X 15' State of Mississippi Flag - Nylon


12' X 18' State of Mississippi Flag - Nylon

We offer a full line of State Flags available for purchase in sizes from small to large to meet the needs of all our customers. Don't forget we also have great prices on American Flags, Military Flags, Religious Flags, Aluminum Flag Poles and Fiberglass Flagpoles too. If you have any questions about our products, need some assistance in determining which item is right for you or not finding what you're looking for on our site, please give us a call at 1-800-783-7653 and speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. 



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