Fiberglass Internal Halyard Flag Poles

Fiberglass Internal Halyard flag poles are constructed from the highest quality fiberglass woven roving and a proprietary polyester resin which adds strength and resists soiling and scratches and maximizes weather ability. Two types of internal systems are used depending on height. On flagpoles 40′ and shorter a cam cleat type system is used. On flagpoles 50′ and above a winch type system is used. Both systems perform very well in deterring theft and vandalism of flags and flagpole rope.

Fiberglass offers unique benefits, it’s non-conductive, non-corrosive and rust proof. The smooth glassy finish is available in 3 standard colors, white, bronze and black. Fiberglass also doesn’t produce the pinging sound that is commonly associated with flag poles.

  • Gold Ball Finial
  • Rope based Cam Cleat System on flag poles up 40′
  • Cable Based Winch System on flag poles 50′ and higher
  • Flash Collar
  • Made in the USA
  • Stationary Pulley on flag poles up 40′
  • Revolving Pulley on flag poles 50′ and higher
  • Chrome Plated Snap Hooks
  • Access Door
  • Ground Sleeve
  • 3 Color Options; White, Bronze, Black
Exposed HeightOverall LengthButt DiameterTop DiameterSystem Type/TruckFlag Size
20'23'5.75"3"Cam Cleat/Stationary4x6'
25'28'6.75"3"Cam Cleat/Stationary4X6'
30'33'6.75"3"Cam Cleat/Stationary5X8'
35'29'7"3"Cam Cleat/Stationary5X8'
40'43'7"3"Cam Cleat/Stationary6X10'

Fiberglass Internal Halyard Flag Pole Ordering:

We work closely with a fiberglass manufacturer in the Northeast United State to send fiberglass flagpoles directly to our customers, Please contact us with your Zip Code and specify Commercial or Non-Commercial for delivered pricing on Fiberglass Flag Poles.