Internal Halyard Flag Poles

Internal Halyard Winch  Internal Halyard Winch aluminum flagpoles use a crank operated cable system. This type of internal system is usually more expensive and requires more maintenance than the other internal systems.
Internal Halyard Cam Cleat Internal Halyard Cam Cleat aluminum flagpoles use a manually operated rope system held in place with a cam cleat accessed through a laser cut door. Due to the laser cut door, this system has a longer turnaround time.
Internal Halyard V-Cleat Internal Halyard V-Cleat aluminum flagpoles are the latest development in internal halyard design. This new design allows for faster turnaround times and added strength when compared to other internal halyard flag poles.
Internal Halyard Fiberglass Internal Halyard Fiberglass flagpoles use a system similar to the cam cleat aluminum flagpoles. Currently these poles are not listed online. Please call us for pricing and information.