Severe Weather Hurricane Flag Poles

Extra heavy duty hurricane flag poles (Cross Reference: ECH, CESR) are designed for use in a variety of severe weather commercial applications and to meet wind ratings of at least 190 MPH. They are the strongest and most durable severe weather flag poles in the Admiral line. Our extra heavy duty severe weather hurricane flag poles are fabricated from all new, domestically produced, seamless 6063 aluminum alloy tubing and heat treated to a T6 temper and completed with an 80 grit satin finish.

The hurricane flag poles components are manufactured from aluminum using stainless steel hardware and fasteners to prevent rust and corrosion allowing for years of trouble free service with very little maintenance. Our severe weather flag poles are provided with solid braided nylon halyard, chrome plated cast bronze snaps with vinyl snap covers as standard equipment.

These severe weather flag poles are installed using a steel foundation tube which includes a support plate and lightning spike. This installation is considered to be a permanent installation. Please consult a local engineer to determine proper foundation requirements.

  • Gold Ball Finial
  • Solid Braided Nylon Halyard
  • Vinyl Snap Hook Covers
  • Flash Collar
  • Brushed Satin Finish
  • Revolving Truck (Pulley)
  • Chrome Plated Snap Hooks
  • Cast Aluminum Cleat
  • Steel Ground Sleeve
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Origins of each flagpole component (opens in new tab)

Exposed HeightButt DiameterTop DiameterWall ThicknessFlag SizeWindspeed
20'6"3.5".188"4x6'255 MPH
25'6"3.5".188"5X8'255 MPH
30'6"3.5".250"5X8'241 MPH
35'7"3.5".250"6X10'221 MPH
40'8"3.5".250"8X12'231 MPH
50'10"4".250"10X15'196 MPH

Hurricane Flag Poles

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There is a limited delivery area on one piece 30' and 35' shafts. Due to shipping restrictions, most locations will require a 2 piece shaft. Please contact us for more information or if you need assistance.

Additional Shipping charges may apply if address is located on an island, in a high crime area or is considered to be in a remote or difficult area by our carriers. If additional charges apply, we will notify you by email or phone prior to shipping your order.