Commercial Flag Poles

Our commercial flag poles are available in several grades from light commercial to hurricane. Each grade is defined by a combination of the flag poles butt diameter and the thickness of the aluminum. For more information or for help determining which grade best suits your application, please feel free to give us a call.

 Light Commercial – Aluminum Light commercial aluminum flag poles are designed for moderate wind locations. They have a large butt diameter, but a thinner wall than the more expensive Medium or Architectural grade Flag Poles.
Medium Duty Commercial – Aluminum Medium commercial aluminum flag poles use a heavier wall thickness than our light commercial grade. This improves the overall strength of the shaft to accommodate higher wind speeds and larger flags.
Architectural Commercial – Aluminum Architectural aluminum flag poles are the strongest poles in the Admiral standard line. Combining a large diameter shaft with a heavy wall thickness provides unmatched strength compared to any other line.
Hurricane Series Commercial – Aluminum Designed for coastal areas and locations subject to hurricane force winds. These flag poles are designed to preform well in severe weather situations.
Anchor Base – Aluminum  Aluminum Anchor Base flag poles are primarily used when lighting, mounted directly to the flag pole shaft or mounted at the top, is required. This allow the electric to be brought to the base of the flag pole where electric connections can be easily made.
Commercial Fiberglass Commercial fiberglass flag poles are designed to withstand 120 MPH wind loads. Our fiberglass feature a smooth seamless design that’s available in three standard colors.