Georgia Flags

Georgia Flags are made from 100% nylon and feature strong duck heading and Brass Grommets. For Outdoor Use. Made in the USA.

The flag of Georgia consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width. The top and bottom stripes are scarlet red and the middle is white. There is a blue square in the top left corner which features the state coat of arms in gold, encircled by 13, white, five-pointed stars. In the arms there is an arch with three pillars. On top of the arch is written the word “constitution” and a banner wrapped around the pillars states Georgia’s official state motto: wisdom, justice and moderation. In front of the arch there is a man who is prepared to defend the principles of the Constitution. Beneath the arms are the words ‘In God we trust’.

The 13 stars around the state seal signify Georgia as one of the original 13 colonies of the United States. The arch with three pillars represents the three branches of government: legislative, judicial and executive. The date 1776 represents the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

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12' X 18' Georgia Flag - Nylon