Oregon Flags

Oregon Flags are made from 100% nylon and feature strong duck heading and Brass Grommets. For Outdoor Use. Made in the USA.

The flag of Oregon consists of a blue base with a simplified version of the state seal, in gold, in the center. State of Oregon is written in gold above the seal and it has 1859 written below the seal.

The state’s colors are blue and gold. The shield on the front of the flag is surrounded by 33 stars, which represent Oregon as the 33rd state admitted to the Union. The bald eagle on the crest of the shield is the national bird of America, it represents the United States and the protection it provides Oregon in turbulent and peaceful times. A banner on the shield shows The Union, representing Oregon’s support to the US. The shield is divided into three parts: the top section shows the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, a British man-of-war sailing away the American coast and an American merchant ship arriving. It represents the end of British rule and the start of American sovereignty. The centre sections of the flag feature a covered wagon which represents the early settlers and images of the state’s forests and mountains. The bottom section has a plough, sheaf of wheat and a pickaxe, which represents the state’s agricultural and mining resources. The reverse side of the flag has a beaver which is the state animal. Oregon is known as the Beaver State.

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12' X 18' State of Oregon Flag - Nylon