Utah Flags

Utah Flags are made from 100% nylon and feature strong duck heading and 2 Brass Grommets. For Outdoor Use. Made in the USA.

The flag of Utah consists of a blue base with the state seal in the center circled in yellow.

The bald eagle on the crest of the seal is the national bird of America. It represents the country and the protection it provides Utah in turbulent and peaceful times. The national flags on each side of the seal represent Utah’s support of the United States. The beehive stands for the state’s nickname and represents hard work and industry. The state motto, Industry, appears above the hive. Around the outside of the beehive are blooms of the sego lily; which is the state flower and which represents peace. The date, 1847, represents the year the Mormons, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, arrived in Utah. The other date, 1896, is the year Utah was admitted to the Union.

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12' X 18' State of Utah Flag - Nylon