Wyoming Flags

Wisconsin Flags are made from 100% nylon and feature strong duck heading and 2 Brass Grommets. For Outdoor Use. Made in the USA.

The flag of Wyoming consists of a blue center base, which is outlined in thin white and then bordered with a wider, red outline. In the center of the flag is a white bison with the state seal centered on it.

The red represents Native Americans and the blood of the pioneers. The white stands for purity and represents the sky and mountains, as well as fidelity, justice and virility. The bison is the state mammal and represents the custom of branding. The seal features a woman supporting a banner with the state’s motto written on it. The motto, Equal Rights, represents Wyoming as being the first U.S. state or territory to formally give women the right to vote in 1869. The men on the sides of the pillars symbolize the state’s cattle and mining industries. There is an eagle perched on the shield of the United States. The shield has a star with 44 written on it. The shield and eagle signify Wyoming’s loyalty to the Union and 44 represents Wyoming as the 44th state. The dates on the sides of the national shield represent two important moments in Wyoming’s history: 1869 is the year the Wyoming Territorial government was formed and 1890 is the year Wyoming was admitted to the Union.

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